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Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia

The academic journal, Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia: Studies in Jewish History, Culture and Religion, has been published by the Chair in Jewish Studies since 2002. It is intended to be a platform for the international exchange of ideas and the presentation of new research in the field of Jewish studies. Articles are mainly published in English, but submissions are also accepted in German and French.

Editorial requirements applicable to the papers sent for publication and the contents of individual volumes can be found on the SJC’s website:

Dr hab. Maciej Tomal, Prof. UJ – Editor-in-Chief

Dr Anna Jakimyszyn-Gadocha – Secretary

Prof. dr hab. Adam Kaźmierczyk

Dr hab. Leszek Hońdo

Dr hab. Michał Galas, Prof. UJ

David Assaf (Tel Aviv University)

Gershon Bacon (Bar-Ilan University)

Israel Bartal (Hebrew University)

Daniel Blatman (Hebrew University)

Javier Castaño (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid)

Rachel Elior (Hebrew University)

Francois Guesnet (University College London)

Heiko Hauman (Universität Basel)

Elisabeth Hollender (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main)

Andreas Lehnardt (Johannes Gutenberg – Universität, Mainz)

Sarah J.K. Pearce (University of Southampton)

Antony Polonsky (Brandeis University)

Peter Schäfer (Princeton University)

Stefan Schreiner (Universität Tübingen)

Daniel Tollet (Paris IV Sorbonne)

Jonathan Webber (Jagiellonian University)