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The Institute of Jewish Studies has its own specialist library, the origins of which go back to 1988. Its collection currently numbers over ten thousand volumes. In recent years, the library’s collection has expanded considerably, mainly thanks to domestic and foreign donations, e.g. from Oxford University, Tel Aviv University and the Jewish Religious Community of Krakow. Initially, the collection was used by the academic staff and students of the Institute of Jewish Studies. The library now also features a reading room where its collection is available to anyone interested in the subject. The library’s catalog is available in electronic format in the reading room and via the main catalog of the Jagiellonian Library.

The library is gradually expanding its collection, purchasing new publications from the broadly understood field of Jewish Studies. Studies on the history of Jews in Poland and abroad, from ancient times until the present, comprise the lion’s share of the collection but there are also publications on Jewish philosophy and the history of modern Israel. A sizable proportion of the books are foreign publications in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish.

About 90% of the collection is included in the electronic catalogue of the Jagiellonian Library (when browsing, please apply a filter "Biblioteka Instytutu Judaistyki" on the left side of the webpage). Please write to the librarian to check the availiablity of a book. You can reach us at:

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Monday - Wednesday   09:00-16:00

Thursday & Friday   09:00-15:00

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